Salon Pavlina


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If you are thinking about a new style or a sharper new look, Salon Pavlina is the place for you. We know all the latest fashion trends for cuts, colors and styles. It is the natural dream of every woman to be different, unique and special. Our stylists will find the best look for you.


A necessary part of every man's haircut is styling. We will help you achieve the look you it smooth, sexy, or simple. Come to our salon to experience the magic of a traditional European facial shave that will leave your face hairless and smooth for days. You can also relax while we massage and stimulate your scalp.


Pavlina Salzeider

I absolutely love my job and I look forward to coming to work every day. I am very lucky and grateful to have such amazing clients and call the people I work with my friends.

I was born and raised in a beautiful historical town called Brno in the Czech Republic. That's where my career started. I graduated from The Institute of Beauty and Barbering in 1994 and worked for the next three years in M-Salon, downtown Brno.

I came to America in 1997 to travel and improve my English. I decided to stay and try living here. I worked at Charter House Barber Shop from 1998 to 2004. I still have many clients from there and I am very thankful for their friendship and loyalty. In 2004 I joined a great group of people at Aqua Salon. Salon Pavlina opened in 2008.

I am proud to say I have amassed an amazing clientele. Being a barber is very rewarding and satisfying to me. I have a passion for detailed and precise haircuts and I value my clients very much.